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Welcome to Cherwin Auctioneers

Cherwin Auctioneers, headed by Barry and Ric Cherwin, is a Fund Raising Auction company specializing in Benefit Auctions.  They have been the auctioneers for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, SPCA, American Heart Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, "Lou Gehrig's Disease", Project Kids Worldwide, SONY’s South Asia Excellence Awards (televised to 100 million people throughout Europe and Asia), Dr. Oz’ HealthCorps, East End Hospice, Anne Frank Foundation, Woodstock Film Festival, Woodstock Artist's Association and Museum, many private and public schools and scores of foundations and organizations in NYC and around the country.

Services Offered

Cherwin Auctioneers is a full service company. We can guide you through all aspects of the entire auction process.

We offer:
  • Unlimited pre-auction guidance, all-inclusive or a la carte
  • We suggest what items to solicit and how best to solicit them; what items should definitely be live, and what items can be silent; how best to incorporate silent auction items.
  • If you desire, we can furnish additional high-end auction items.
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Strong working relationship with Greater Giving, IML, and other benefit auction service companies.
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • We can steer you through check in and check out procedures. 
  • Post-auction analysis

    Moreover, we can suggest additional ways to raise money other than on just the auction items. In other words, we will ensure that your auction, in every regard, is a success.


    Barry Cherwin, in partnership with Greater Giving, recently presented a webinar on how to successfully produce a School Auction. The webinar covers such topics as: ways to increase revenues, tips on procurement, pitfalls to avoid, and much more.

    For an overall view of the webinar, click here

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